"If there is anything to capture the full potential of Chelsea Shag, it’s the video for “Funk Love”, directed by Kara Hammond."
-Mike Gerry, Open Ears Music

"The video, directed by Kara Hammond, (Trash Panda, Zale, and Von Grey) and released by Madison Records, celebrates love with scenes of UV light, vibrant colors, body paint, and balloons."
-Lauren Leathers, Creative Loafing


Written By + Creative Direction:

"Released earlier this month, the single’s visual counterpart is equally mesmerizing: four different couples of various races, color, and sexual orientation are bathed in soft white and purple lights as they kiss, hug, and stare at one another longingly. "
-Nicholas Ryan Taft, Immersive Atlanta

"At times it feels like a beach party, and at others it is reminiscent of the legendary dance clubs of the disco era. Whatever the aesthetic, Chelsea and her crew guarantee that this is going to be one wild ride that you won’t want to miss."
-RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine