#2 - The Reoccurring Daydream

And I have said goodbye to you,
over and over and over.
Sometimes, though, I wonder...
Now that I am older,
how would my head rest against your shoulder?
What smell would guide my soul?
What sound would make me feel whole?
Do you feel me as I miss you in this moment?
While I wonder where you went...
Influx of pain fought off by your smile.
Is it my imagination?
The daydream is always worth while.

#1 - The Construct

I close my eyes,
  a week has passed before me.
  I am me.
  A living, breathing, miserable zombie.
Required to exist confined and stuck
  A degree, a license...
What a fucking construct.
I am the accumulation of a generation old.
There is no reward for being bold.